Week 23: Mastering Emotions is Priceless

I’ve spent the last week (or two) fighting my emotions and FINALLY, in the last day or so mastering my emotions… and I’m EXHAUSTED…and FIRED UP!

I’ve worked on this stuff before and though intellectually, I’ve gotten it.  Though you haven’t really MASTERED your emotions until you’re LIVING it.  Living the serene life where everything flows easily and there are no judgments or ill-will toward anyone because there is just pure love pouring from your heart and into the hallways and all over the rooms you walk into and when that is truly mastered…when you go from just showing up and performing like a pro with a smile on your face, even when you are licked dry (which is the beginning… and a damn good one)…when you wake and your feet hit the floor and you truly FEEL true love in your heart without even having to think….that is BLISS.  And THAT is MASTERY.

I am staying on the path so that I may continue this feeling and it becomes a way of life.  Always.


Week 22: Silence Is Golden

When I choose silence, I learn so much more, I grow so much and more importantly, I get so much more out of the experience.

I was told by wise people that when in doubt, say nothing.  How appropriate.  If I stay silent, the answers finally come because I’m paying attention more on listening.

I’m not surprised that people I look up to the most are often strong silent types.  When they speak, it is always directed, precise and with few words, they say all that needs to be said and with a powerful voice.

Silence is golden.

Week 21: Truth

The truth really does set us free.  The feelings of Fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilt and/or Unworthiness usually come to me when I’m not being honest about something (I might have spoken badly about someone, or didn’t perform my best at work.  Dishonesty comes in many forms).  If I come clean with myself and with others (if it won’t hurt them to do so), then those negative feelings go away.  Living from a place of wisdom (love) is always a better feeling than living from a place of fear…and truth helps keep me in this better feeling place.

Week 20: WWSD

Many years ago, when I’d come upon a problem that needed solving, I’d often ask myself “WWSD…What Would Scout Do?”  Scout was my first dog who was rescued from the pound and with me for 15 1/2 years.  She was brilliant and perfect and wonderful (as most dogs are).  Basically, I was asking, what would the most perfectly loving being do.  Now, I’m asking myself, “What would the person I intend to become do next?”  Same thing.  WWSD.

I like this exercise.  It’s interesting how I can quickly and easily come up with the right answer when I ask this simple question.  When I focus on love and the best possible outcome for everyone, the answer comes naturally.

Week 19: When we detach from outcomes, something miraculous happens…

Simply focusing on surrendering to Life, and in a way, giving service to others (where we are not concerned about the outcome for ourselves), truly miraculous things happen.  Our true selves show up and we allow Life to happen (this is God guiding us) and no matter what obstacles might appear at first, things ultimately work out where everyone wins.  And this is when we are truly in alignment with Source Energy (God) and manifestation comes naturally.


Week 18: Love Consciousness

Noticing kindnesses is a great exercise.

When I consciously focus on kindnesses, I am retraining my brain to subconsciously focus on positive things.  And the more my brain is absorbing these positive things, the less I notice the negative things… and the negative thoughts are starting to lessen too.

I was having a particularly rough time at work…(I am grateful I have a steady paycheck, at a place most people would find amazing and parts of it are absolutely wonderful for me, though I have become more aware of how unfulfilling it is and I know I deserve and can do more).  SO, when I started focusing on kindnesses (performing them myself and noticing them in others), things started to shift.

Driving to work, I often listened to positive books or uplifting music while stating my intentions out loud enthusiastically.  And now I was also noticing that while I might have normally sped up in traffic to not let a car cut in front of me, I was waving them in with a smile.  Getting a cup of water or tea in the kitchen at work, I’d get one for a co-worker as well. AND even more fun, I’d see others doing similar things and it felt just as good.

More recently, I was noticing that I wasn’t feeling so much anger or resentment anymore going into the office, though it was more a feeling of indifference (which is higher up the vibration scale than anger or resentment, so this was good).  AND I was now bored (which is still better than anger/ resentment).

SO, I started bringing love into the equation (love is the highest vibration there is).

When making a phone call, each syllable was filled with love.  Walking into meetings, each step pressed love into the carpet and butterflies flew out all over the room.  Even sitting quietly eating my lunch, I chose to feel love in my heart and all around me, being grateful for the nourishment the food provided, for the strong healthy teeth  in my mouth that could chew each bite fully, releasing enzymes to break down my food, enabling my body to absorb all the nutrients it needed.  Love for the earth for providing the food that fueled me.  And with each bite, a small smile on my face sometimes made others smile with me.  And lunch wasn’t just a 30 minute escape from the office, but an adventure into feeling good and passing it on to others.

Noticing kindnesses puts us in a love consciousness.  And this is the only way to move forward…from a place of love.





Week 17 + Hero’s Journey: Life is a Terminal Illness…

…so why not live it loudly!

Reading obituaries is not new for me.  I often read them when I’m in a funk and I need to remind myself to be grateful for my life.  It’s nice to read about someone you never met, though you can see that they were loved and had this whole life that meant something to someone (and sometimes many, many someones).

I even visit cemeteries to remind myself that some things are just not worth getting stressed out over, because one day, no matter how important we are, we all end up in the ground (our physical bodies, anyway).  Living here in Los Angeles, I’ll even visit Mary Monroe’s grave site from time to time to really bring that home for me.

So, if life is a terminal illness (that might sound negative…basically, I’m just saying that we will all eventually die, our physical bodies will eventually lay to rest)…then why not live it as big as possible, to get the most from it that we can, to really exhaust every part of ourselves so that when we do finally give in to this thing called life, that eventually ends in this physical form…why not let it be the best life we can possibly give.  And yes, I feel IF it is the best life, then we DO, in fact, GIVE it…to everyone we come in contact with and IF done well, then they in turn are able to pay that forward to someone else.  So, let’s GIVE the best life we can GIVE so that everyone wins.


Week 16: Kindness

How nice to focus on kindness.  What I might have passed by a few months ago, I now take the time to stop a moment and perform a kindness OR witness one.  Both feel good.  And both multiply in the doing and in the noticing… AND in turn, it multiplies in the feeling good.

I’m grateful for the kindnesses I got to do for others (and I will continue) AND for the kindnesses I noticed.

Week 15: I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle

I am grateful for Scroll IV.  “I am nature’s greatest miracle.”  It kind of slapped me in the face when I read it the first time this morning (and I’ve read it before).  I need to be reminded of this, not just three times a day…as often as I can read it.  We truly are nature’s greatest miracle.  There will never be another like us…each of us are unique and special in our own way.  And it’s kind of a sin if we are not living up to the potential of our unique special kind of Oneness with God.

I’ve got some work to do.

Week 14: Surrender

I officially surrender.  Life has been a challenge, especially the last few years and culminating to an interesting place this year.  I have so much to be grateful for, indeed.  And I have also not allowed enough.  It’s interesting how the old blueprint keeps people exactly where they are, where it’s comfortable.  Funny though…it’s not really comfortable.

So…I surrender.  I’ll do whatever it takes to get out of this uncomfortable comfort zone.